Dear Friends,

As in the previous eight years I am proud to supply selected, top quality! seeds and  bulbs of some very rare species which are unlikely to be obtained elsewhere. Bulbs, corms and tubers are available to order from June till October while seeds can be order all year round.

This year there is a larger selection of juvenile bulbs, corms and tubers, mostly 2 -3 years old. Some offered at a reduce price.
All seeds are fresh being collected in Autumn 2022- spring 2023 and are not collected in the wild!!

As plants are grown mostly in open conditions, I avoid proposing species that might hybridize such as some Cyclamen species etc. unless grown separately or specified as ‘open pollination’. There are some very exciting species on offer this year for the first time, most of them in very limited numbers, these will probably be available for few hours or days after the new list will be published, for these there is a limit for each order so that other people will have the opportunity to order them as well. There is a small list of non-bulbs, just garden cultivars mainly old-fashioned which i collect during my travels.

Payment is done with PayPal, I’m afraid I can not accept any other method.
Keep in mind that the vast majority of the species are growing in a Mediterranean climate (Winter growing) therefore not suitable to grow out in the open garden in cold countries. All species on this list require long period of dormancy [Summer] and should not be watered during that time.                                                  

Registered post with tracking number  – 15 Euro (worldwide), meaning you can trace your parcel with any International Post Tracking System

Registered post with reference number only (meaning it can be tracked till it enters your country)-   10 Euro (worldwide)

Notice: last year parcels  took 2-6 weeks to arrive. Hopefully this year will be faster, please be patient. For  NZ ,Australia, SA, China, Hongkong, Japan  we use Eco-post (priority express)

You will  receive an email on the day your order has been sent with the registered or tracking number

Please notice: Since April 2022 some countries have new regulations for  importing  seeds and bulbs.   I’m sorry but i am not able to supply a Phyto Certificates. It is under your responsibility to be informed regarding costume restrictions in your country. Let us know if we need to add letter of containment, detailed invoice etc.   If you are in New Zealand, please check if the seeds of the species you order are permitted to enter your country. (for NZ)

If you have any question regarding the species/ growing conditions germination etc. feel free to ask me:

Would be nice if you can send a quick note telling that seeds arrived safely

Thank you for your continuous support!

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