The Eastern Mediterranean countries of Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Cyprus and north-east Egypt offer a rich and varied bulbous flora. In this field guide more than 400 species are illustrated with over 600 beautiful images, making it an essential reference work for everyone with an interest in bulbous plants. There is extensive coverage of alliums, irises, crocuses and colchicums, as well as genera that have a smaller but important representation in the area, such as cyclamen, fritillaries and scillas.
The author Oron Peri has been fascinated by bulbous plants since his childhood, studying and growing them where he lives in Israel. He is a plantsman, garden designer, writer, photographer and a leader of botanical tours in various parts of the world. Many of the plants featured in the book are from locations which, because of the political situation in this area, most people will never visit. We may never see these plants in the wild but this book is a beautifully illustrated substitute. This book was listed by The Guardian newspaper as among the best gardening and plant books of 2015.

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