Iris edomensis OP211318

Iris edomensis OP211318

Finally!! we have few seeds to offer.! Probably the first time ever offered!

One of the most beautiful bulbous plants and certainly among the Iris genus.

Endemic to the Edom Mountains in Jordan, where it grows  at elevations above 1000m. (few days of snow in winter)  Flowers color and markings vary from one plant to the other.

It is not difficult to germinate but keep in mind that it should be grown “dry”under glass and should never! be watered the leaves as it will cause the plant to rot in a matter of a day or two.  Needs a long dry summer rest from May till November.

For the experts only!! 

It takes 5-8 years for this species to flower

Not a good season for this species I’m afraid, only few seeds!

2 seed for 



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